Transparent Quartz Triple Bore

Short Description:

Material: Fused silica, quartz glass
Specification: Standard or customization according to customer’s requirements
Application: Used in laser head
Package: Paper box
Origin: China

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The triple bore is more often used in laser head. Holes are for laser lamps and laser rods in water cooled lamp pumped lasers. We accept custom production according to drawings, available quartz materials are Corning 7980, Fused Silica, Fused Quartz and other designated quartz material. The quartz triple bore is manufactured by CNC machine; dimension is well controlled.According to the application, we have following materials available to choose:
● Quartz
● Borosilicate glass
● Cerium doped quartz
● Samarium doped glass

Quartz Characteristics

1. Resistance high temperature.
2. Good chemical stability, acid-proof, alkali-proof.
3. Lower coefficient of thermal expansion.
4. High transmittance.

Products shown

Transparent Quartz Triple Bore (3)


Used for solid-state laser pump xenon lamps, solid laser device filter in medical, industrial, and research applications.

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