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  • Optical Quartz Glass

    Quartz glass with certain optical properties. According to the spectrum The transmission range is different, divided into three types: far ultraviolet, ultraviolet, and infrared. Ultraviolet optical quartz glass refers to the ultraviolet wavelength range with Optical quartz glass with good transm...
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  • Filter UV Quartz Glass

    Ultraviolet filter quartz glass is a doping process to make Qiang and other gold It is made of ions doped into quartz glass, it is not only for UV The line has a strong absorption effect, and still retains the original quartz glass The excellent performance. Shortwave ultraviolet filtered quartz ...
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  • Custom Sized Glass Capillary

    Description: Glass capillary tubes also called Micro glass capillary ,small hole capillary glass,precision glass tube.Usually the out diameter less than 10mm. Micro quartz glass capillary tubes and rods are made of high purity silicon dioxide in thermal processing meth...
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