Filter UV Quartz Glass

Ultraviolet filter quartz glass is a doping process to make Qiang and other gold
It is made of ions doped into quartz glass, it is not only for UV
The line has a strong absorption effect, and still retains the original quartz glass
The excellent performance. Shortwave ultraviolet filtered quartz glass is suitable for production
High-pressure mercury lamps, germicidal lamps and xenon lamps are used in medical and film amplifiers
In the field of daily electric light sources such as Ying, it prevents short-wave ultraviolet rays from affecting people.
Body burns and the formation of ozone in the air. Long-wavelength ultraviolet light
Quartz glass is used as a light source for color photo plate making, which is beneficial to color printing
The improvement of the degree of light, used as the third generation light source and filter of the solid enemy light device
Material, the luminous efficiency is increased by 20~50%, and the life of the light source is prolonged
To more than 10 million times, and can eliminate the harm to human body caused by ultraviolet radiation
The damage and the corrosion of the filter to the device and the environmental pollution make the laser
The device is miniaturized.

Post time: Nov-01-2021