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  • Types and uses of quartz glass

    Quartz glass is made of crystal and silica silicide as raw materials. It is made by high-temperature melting or chemical vapor deposition. The content of silicon dioxide can be Up to 96-99.99% or more. The melting method includes electric melting method, gas refining method and so on. According t...
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  • The correct way to extend the service life of quartz tubes

    The correct way to prolong the service life of quartz tube (1) Strict cleaning treatment. If a very small amount of alkali metals such as sodium and potassium and their compounds are contaminated on the surface of quartz glass, they will become crystal nuclei when used at high temperatures and wi...
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  • China Factory Custom Processing Specific Samarium Doped Glass Plate Filters For Laser Cavity

    China Factory Custom Processing Specific Samarium Doped Glass Plate Filters For Laser Cavity

    Samarium-doped glass plate filters are commonly used in laser cavities for various applications. These filters are designed to transmit specific wavelengths of light while blocking others, allowing precise control of the laser output. Samarium is often chosen as the dopant material due to its fav...
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  • Appilication of Fused Silica Microscope Slides

    Fused silica microscope slides find application in various microscopy techniques and research areas where their unique properties are beneficial. Here are some common applications: Fluorescence Microscopy: Fused silica slides are extensively used in fluorescence microscopy due to their low autofl...
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  • 10 % doping of samarium oxide used for laser flow tube

    A 10% doping of samarium oxide (Sm2O3) in a laser flow tube can serve various purposes and have specific effects on the laser system. Here are a few possible roles: Energy Transfer: Samarium ions in the flow tube can act as energy transfer agents within the laser system. They can facilitate the t...
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  • 10% Samarium Doping Glass Application

    Glass doped with 10% samarium concentration can have various applications in different fields. Some potential applications of 10% samarium-doped glass include: Optical amplifiers: Samarium-doped glass can be used as an active medium in optical amplifiers, which are devices that amplify optical si...
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