Types and uses of quartz glass

Quartz glass is made of crystal and silica silicide as raw materials. It is made by high-temperature melting or chemical vapor deposition. The content of silicon dioxide can be
Up to 96-99.99% or more. The melting method includes electric melting method, gas refining method and so on. According to the transparency, it is divided into two categories: transparent quartz and opaque quartz. By purity
It is divided into three types: high-purity quartz glass, ordinary quartz glass and doped quartz glass. It can be made into quartz tubes, quartz rods, quartz plates, quartz blocks and quartz fibers; it can be processed into various shapes of quartz instruments and utensils; it can also be cut shave,
Grinding and polishing into optical parts such as quartz prisms and quartz lenses. Incorporating a small amount of impurities can produce new varieties with special properties. Such as ultra-low expansion, fluorescent quartz glass, etc.. Quartz glass has high temperature resistance, low expansion coefficient, thermal shock resistance, chemical stability and electrical insulation properties, and can pass through Ultraviolet, infrared, widely used in semiconductors, electric light sources, optical communications, laser technology, optical instruments, laboratory instruments, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, metallurgy, construction
Materials and other industries, as well as national defense science and technology.

Post time: Nov-01-2021