The correct way to extend the service life of quartz tubes

The correct way to prolong the service life of quartz tube
(1) Strict cleaning treatment. If a very small amount of alkali metals such as sodium and potassium and their compounds are contaminated on the surface of quartz glass, they will become crystal nuclei when used at high temperatures and will rapidly crystallize, causing devitrification. Therefore, before use, be sure to soak the quartz tube in 5-20% hydrofluoric acid for 5-10 minutes, then fully wash it with deionized water, and finally wipe it with degreasing gauze and dry it. The oven tube after drying is strictly prohibited. Touch directly with your hands.
(2) High temperature pretreatment. When a new diffusion furnace is activated or replaced with a new furnace, it must be subjected to high temperature pretreatment.
(3) Please pay special attention to 573″C. 573*C is the crystal transformation point of quartz. Whether it is heating up or cooling down, it must pass this temperature point quickly.
(5) When the quartz tube is not working, the temperature should be lowered, but it should not be lower than 800°C.
(6) Try to avoid unnecessary heat and cold. Although quartz glass has good thermal stability, opaque quartz glass or transparent quartz glass with a thickness greater than 5mm are prone to cracks when the temperature changes too much. Especially large quartz glass instruments with complex structures often have internal stress, which is easier If it bursts, be careful when using it.
(7) Fully support and flip use. High temperature deformation of quartz glass is inevitable. Users should pay attention to minimize the amount of deformation. The installation of anti-collapse corridor heating sleeves can reduce the high temperature deformation of the quartz tube, and the full support along the length of the quartz tube can extend the service life of the quartz tube by 2~ 3 times. When the quartz tube undergoes slight bending deformation. The quartz tube can be rotated 180*. When the quartz tube undergoes elliptical deformation, the stone can be
The British tube rotates 90*, which can extend its service life.

Post time: Nov-01-2021