Optical Quartz Glass

Quartz glass with certain optical properties. According to the spectrum
The transmission range is different, divided into three types: far ultraviolet, ultraviolet, and infrared.
Ultraviolet optical quartz glass refers to the ultraviolet wavelength range with
Optical quartz glass with good transmittance. Can be divided into far ultraviolet and one
Two kinds of general ultraviolet. The former uses high-purity silicon tetrachloride as raw material,
Learn the vapor deposition method to melt, with high purity, no bubbles, no particles
Grain structure, radiation resistance and other characteristics, the application spectrum wavelength range is
185~2500 nanometers. The latter uses high-quality crystals as raw materials,
Gas refining method for melting. The purity is slightly lower, and the UV absorption limit is shifted to the long wave
move. The application spectrum wavelength range is 220~2500 nanometers. host
To be used as precision optical instruments, analytical instruments, astronomical instruments and
Space technology, etc.
Infrared optical quartz glass refers to the near-infrared wavelength range
Optical quartz glass with good transmittance. Applied to spectroscopy
The wavelength range is 260~3500 nanometers. Use high-quality crystal or
High-quality silica is used as raw material, and the blank is made by vacuum pressure method. Retreat
Fire processed into various optical parts, due to the low hydroxyl content, due to
This infrared transmittance is better, and it is mainly used as an infrared detection and tracking system.
System, precision optical instrument parts. Observation mirrors and guides of industrial kilns
Radome, radar delay line, color TV delay line, etc.

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