High-quality Borofloat 33 Laser Flow Tubes

Short Description:

Material: Schott Borofloat 33
Specification: Standard or customization according to customer’s requirements
Application: Used in laser head
Package: Paper box
Origin: China

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BOROFLOAT® 33 is a UV-NIR transparent borosilicate float glass with excellent optical properties and smooth low scatter surfaces straight off the float process. It is an economical high performance material, making it ideal for the volume manufacture of windows, mirrors, filters, display glass, 3D build platforms, and other components. BOROFLOAT® 33’s composition lends itself to outstanding thermal resistance and sharp impact crack resistance, making it an excellent choice for challenging use environments.
According to the application, we have following materials available to choose:
● Quartz
● Borosilicate glass
● Cerium doped quartz
● Samarium doped glass

Quartz Characteristics

Optical Quality Borosilicate Glass
High Transparency/Color Neutral
Broad Spectral Range UV-VIS-NIR
High Thermal Resistance (Shock & Gradient)
Crack Resistant to Sharp Impact
Low Thermal Expansion for Tight Seals

Products shown

High-quality Borofloat 33 Laser Flow Tubes (2)

Typical Applications

Industrial optics for increased operating temperatures
Medical and biotechnology applications
Wafer glass for anodic bonding processes
Flat glass substrates for dielectric filters
Glass components for lighting systems

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