Quartz laser cavity filter suppliers

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Specification: According The request

Application:IPL Laser head

Shape:Quartz block with three hole

Surface Treatment: Frosted or Polished

DeliveryStocked and send immediately

Tolerance:±0.1 to ±0.02

Origin: China

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Quartz laser cavity filter suppliers

LZY special glass offers a wide range of quartz flow tubes and cavity reflectors for lasers. We can supply Single and Multi-Hole Cavity Filters and Laser Flow Tubes with many kind of material.

We have stock for standard and specific laser flow tubes and can send it immediately.

As a experienced glass manufacture you also can choose any glass brand,we will purchase and produce it for your, such as Corning 7980,Corning 7979,Schott borofloat 33,Heraeus quartz,or any other brands.


Quartz laser cavity filter is machined out of a block or a rod of carefully selected high optical quality Glass.We have following materials available to choose:

JGS1 Quartz,JGS2 QuartzCorning 7980Heraeus quartz glass

l Borosilicate glass,Pyrex GlassSchott Glass

l Cerium doped quartz

10% Samarium doped glass (Sm2O3 Doped Glass)

Cerium- and Samarium-doped Filter Glasses

Silver and/or other metallic coatings flow tube

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Quartz laser cavity filter suppliers

Typical Applications

Laser flow tubes in water cooled lamp pumped lasers.

Lamp and diode based pump chambers

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