Flow tube With 10% Samarium Doping

Short Description:

Material: 10% Samarium doped glass

Specification: According The drawing

Application: IPL Laser


Surface Treatment:Polished


Tolerance:From ±0.1 ±0.02mm

Origin: China

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    Flowtube with 10% Samarium Doping

    The samarium doped glass can block all UV light below 400nm, it is very good UV filter. Samarium doped glass can fluoresce in the visible range, which causes some increase in pumping efficiency with lasing mediums. It also can block the 1064nm wavelength.

    By CNC machining, we can create different shapes and dimensions of samarium doped laser flow tubes and samarium doped triple bore and samarium doped plate. It will be treated by chemical curing process which strengthens the glass tubes.


    The Laser Head Flow Tubes are most often used for laser lamps and laser rods in water cooled lamp pumped lasers. According to the application, we have following materials available to choose:

    Fused silica

    Borofloat 33

    Cerium doped quartz

    Samarium doped glass,


    Product  10% Samarium doped glass
    Outer diameter 6mm-30mm
    Thickness of wall 1-5mm
    Length 20mm-150mm
    Other size We can Customize bay drawing

    Products shown

    Flowtubes and Filter Flowtubes combine and integrate in one solid optical element attributes and technical characteristics necessary to perform simultaneously the following functions:		
● cooling duct for both lamp(s) and laser rod(s);				
● Filtering-absorbing undesired UV radiation, thus protecting the rod from long term solarizat	
● Attenuating “lateral depumping” effects i.e. energy losses caused by the rod’s side emission, by absorbing it and preventing its backreflection.

    Typical Applications

    Passive Glasses Laser Cavity Filter

    Laser Cavity Of Pumped Solid-state Laser Systems

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