High Purity Synthetic Fused Quartz Disc

Short Description:

Material: Synthetic quartz
Transmission of visible light>90%
Work temperature: 1100
Surface quality: 60/40
Shape: Square and Round
Supply Ability: 150000 Piece/Pieces per Month

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JGS1( High-purity UV optical quartz glass) UV optical fused silica is a very good kind of light transmission glass,because it nearly has no any air-bubbles in glass. At 185nm wavelength, the UV transmission can be up to 90%. JGS1 is generally used in the range of 185-2500nm wavelength.


Fused Quartz
Fused Silica
Infrared Quartz Glass
Corning® 7980
Corning® 7979


Parameter/ Value JGS1 JGS2 JGS3
Maximum Size <φ200mm <φ300mm <φ200mm
Transmission Range
(Medium transmission ratio)
0.17~2.10um (Tavg>90%) 0.26~2.10um (Tavg>85%) 0.185~3.52um (Tavg-85%)
OH- content 1200ppm 150ppm 5ppm
Fluorescence (ex254nm) Virtually Free Strong V-B Strong V-B
Impurity Content 5ppm 20-40ppm 40-50ppm
Birefringence Constant 2-4nm/cm 4-6nm/cm 4-10nm/cm
Melting Method Synthetic CVD Oxy-Hydrogen melting Electrical melting
Applications Laser substrate: window, lens, prism, mirror Semiconductor and high temperature window IR & UV substrate

Products shown

High Purity Synthetic Fused Quartz Disc (3)

Optical Properties Of Quartz Glass


Product Characteristics

1. Good thermal stability,lower coefficient of thermal expansion.
2. High Corrosion Resistant,acid and alkali, anti-corrosion ability.
3. Excellent electrical insulation,good electrical insulation properties.


Corning glass plates/jgs1 fused quartz slides/UV silica quartz plates were widely used in follow field:
1. Furniture Design, Lighting Technology
2. Military Technology, Office Automation, Projection Technology
3. Vandal Proof Systems, Semiconductor, High Temperature Lighting
4. Fiber Optics

Lead Time

For stock parts, we will ship out within one week. For customized parts, please contact us for more information. If you are in urgent need, we will arrange in priority.

Shipping and Packing

1. Plastic bubbles
2. Polystyrene foam sheet
3. Carton
4. Wooden case
5. Delivery by shipping or Express, such as EMS/DHL/TNT/UPS/Fedex within 3-5 working days.


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