Optical High-temperature Fused Quartz Glass Dome

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Material: Fused quartz
High purity: SiO2> 99.99%
Work temperature: 1100
Shape: Spherical
Usage: Optical
Surface: Clear

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Optical glass dome is widely used in high temperature resistant.

The Advantages of the Optical Quartz Dome Lens

Extreme wide spectral transmission range from deep UV to middle IR (wider than all other glasses).
Extreme high optical transmission and low optical absorption.
Low variation and disturbance of the refractive index in one solid piece and optical homogeneity from one melt to the next (reproducibility).


Fused Quartz
Fused Silica
Infrared Quartz Glass
Corning® 7980
Corning® 7979

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Optical high-temperature Fused Quartz Glass Dome (2)
Optical high-temperature Fused Quartz Glass Dome (1)

Optical Properties of Quartz Plates


Product Characteristics

Property Content Unit Property Index
Density g/cm³ 2.21
Tensile Strength Pa(N/㎡) 4.9×107
Compression Strength Pa >1.1×109
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion cm/cm℃ 5.5×10-7
Thermal Conductivity W/m℃ 1.4
Specific Heat J/kg℃ 680
Softening Point 1700
Annealing Point 1210


Quartz Tube for Metal Halide Lamp
Temperature Resistance Support Plates
Optical, Medical, Oil & Gas Lighting, Laser Equipment Security

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