square glass capillary used for fiber glass ferrule

Short Description:

Material: borosilicate glass 3.3
Minimum inner diameter: 0.02 mm.
Accuracy: ±0.005 mm.
Shape: Square, round, d-type or customized.
Customized sizes or according to your drawings and samples.

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The material of capillary tube made of borosilicate glass with a strict inner diameter accuracy of ±0.5 microns. They are widely used in optical connectors,optical fiber splices and fiber supports in optical devices.


Square-hole Micro Capillary
Dual-hole Micro Capillary
Round-hole Micro Capillary
Rectangle-hole Micro Capillary

Precision Capillary Glass Tube Features

Precision ID Tolerance from ± 0.001 to ± 0.005 mm.
Custom volumetric size capabilities.
Standardized custom sizes.
Using laser cutting process, no cracks on incision
Smooth hole wall and easy cleaning

Products shown

 They are used for optical connectors, 
optical fiber splices and fiber supports in optical devices.

Typical Applications

Optical connectors
Optical fiber splices and fiber supports in optical devices
Optical Fiber Collimator
Collimator, pigtail, DWDM and other optical passive device.
PLC input pigtail.
Fiber alignment sleeves
Fiber Optic Ferrules

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