Fiber Optic Glass Collimator Sleeves

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Tolerance:±0.001 to ±0.005mm

Surface Treatment:Clear

MaterialBorosilicate Glass

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Fiber Optic Glass Collimator Sleeves

Low and mid-range expansion borosilicate glasses are the ideal materials

An important feature of fiber optic components is their dimensional accuracy to support a minimal dB loss.

In field assembly applications, glass permits UV curing which eliminates the need for mechanical connectors.


Borosilicate glass

Clear fused quartz glass


Custom inside diameter, outside diameter, length and funnel options are available.

We can produce a variety of ID configurations to tolerances of +/-0.001mm in some cases.


Single and multimode optical fiber assemblies

Fiber Collimator

Single-Mode Fiber Collimator

Fiber-Optic Collimation and Focusing

Precision Glass Fiber Optic Components

Fiber Optic Glass Collimator Sleeves

Fiber Optic Ferrules

Fiber Optic Components

Customer specifications Collimator tubes

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Fiber Optic Glass Collimator Sleeves

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