High temperature resistant Quartz Glass tube

Short Description:

Material: 99.99% Pure Quartz
Package: Wood box
Work Temperature: 1100°C
Surface Treatment: Clear

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High Temperature Resistant Quartz Glass Tube
Fused clear silica quartz glass tube is made of high purity quartz sand with excellent thermal shock stability and high transmittance. It is widely used in electric light/ UVC light,LED light,Germicidal lamp, Laboratory Appliance,Lamp covers,Gas flow regulation,Gas distribution,Analytical filtration,Liquid filtration and so on.


Range of OD Tolerence of OD Range of WT Tolerance of WT
4-20 mm ±0.2mm 1-2mm ±2%
20-60mm ±0.5mm 1-2mm ±2%
60-150mm ±1.0mm 2-3mm ±2%
150-200mm ±1.5mm 3-4mm ±2%
200-300mm ±2.0mm 4-5mm ±2%

Material Types

Semiconductor industry fused quartz
Ultraviolet (UV) quartz tube
Infrared (IR)quartz tube
Ultraviolet Block (UV Block) quartz tube
Opaque quartz tube
Ultra Pure Synthetic Quartz Glass

Product Advantages

1) High purity :SiO2> 99.99%.
2) Operating Temperature: 1250℃; SoftenTemperature: 1730℃ .
3) Excellent visual and chemical performance:acid-resistance,alkali resistance,Good thermal stability
4) Health care and environmental protection.
5) No air bubble and no air line.
6) Excellent electrical insulator.

Products shown

Customized Fabrication Quartz Glass Cylinder


UV Sterilization Lamp
High temperature sight glasses,
Electric light source equipment,
Laboratory instrument,
Lamp covers
Gas flow regulation
Gas distribution
Analytical filtration
Liquid filtration
Temperature resistant accessories on semiconductor equipment

Quartz Characteristic

SIO2 99.99%
Density 2.2(g/cm3)
Degree of the hardness mosh’ scale 6.6
Melting point 1732℃
Working temperature 1100℃
Max temperature can reach in a short time 1450℃
Acid tolerance 30 times than ceramic,150 times than stainless
Visible light transmittance Above 93%
UV spectral region transmittance 80%
Resistance value 10000 times than ordinary glass
Annealing point 1180℃
Softening point 1630℃
Strain point 1100℃

Lead Time

For stock parts, we will ship out within one week. For customized parts, please contact us for more information. If you are in urgent need, we will arrange in priority.

Safe Packing

As quartz glass product is fragile, we will make sure that the packing is safe and suitable for international shipping. The product will be packed into small bottle or box, or wrapped with bubble film, then it will be protected by pearl cotton in the paper carton or fumigated wooden box. We will take care of very details to make sure that our customer receives the product in good condition.

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