Factory Wholesale Laser Yag Tattoo ND CE YAG Crystal Yellow Rod

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Shape:Round rod
Wavelength:1064nm 633nm 532nm

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Nd Ce YAG Laser Stick Crystal Rod AR/ AR 1064nm
Nd:Ce:YAG is an excellent laser material used for no-water cooling and miniature laser systems. The thermal distortion of
Nd:Ce:YAG is appreciably less and the output laser energy is greater(30%-50%) than that in Nd:YAG at the same pumping. It is the
most ideal laser material for air cooling laser and is also suitable for different modes of operation (pulsed, Q-switched, mode
locked) and high-average power lasers.

Product Feature

1. Low threshold
2. Very high slope efficiency(30%-50% more than Nd:YAG)
3. Good anti-UV irradiation property
4. Good thermal stability


Concentration Nd:0.1~1.4at%, Ce:0.05~0.1at%
Orientation <111>±5°
Wavefront distortion ≤0.1λ/inch
Extinction ratio ≥25dB
Sizes Ø≤50mm, L≤150 mm
  Different rods, slabs and discs, etc are customized
Tolerance Ø:+0.00/-0.05mm, L:±0.5mm
Cylindrical machining Fine grinding, Polishing, Grooving
Parallelism ≤ 10"
Perpendicularity ≤ 5’
Flatness λ/10 @632.8nm
Surface quality 10-5 (MIL-O-13830A)
Chamfer 0.15±0.05mm
Coating S1/S2:R≤0.2%@1064nm
  S1:PR=20-80%@1064nm, S2:HR≥99.8%@1064nm
  Other coatings can be customized
Damage threshold ≥5J/cm2@1064nm, 10ns 10Hz
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Diode pump wavelength 808nm
Refractive index 1.8197@1064nm
Special specifications Metallization, Wedges, Brewster angle, Concave / Convex on end faces

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