Custom Fabrication Quartz Wafer Carrier boat

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Place of Origin: Jiangsu,China
Dimension Tolerance: +/-5mm
Size: OEM
MOQ: No limit
Color: clear

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Quartz boat is made of ultra-high purity quartz  ( 4N purity) with 1200oC working temperature.

Product Advantages

We can slot quartz rods by high precision CNC first, after welding and annealing complete assembly, robust and durable, long service life. All slotting and shape is done in house to your drawing or specifications.


Can carry 25 piece wafers of 1"/2"/3"/4"/4"x4"/6"/8" diameter x 0.5 mm thickness in different size of boats.
Please send the drawing to us, If you need special custom sizes.

Products shown

Quartz Wafer Carrier boat (3)


Our quartz boat widely used for solar and semiconductor and other customers worldwide.

Quartz Characteristic

Density 2.2g/cm3
Tensile strength 50Mpa
Inflection resistance 60-70
Compressive strength 80~1000
Impact resistance
Mohs′hardness 5.5-6.5
Electrical resistance under nirmal trmperature 1018(200C)Ω.cm
Dielectric constant under normal temperature(ε) 3.7(Hz 0~106)
Dielectric strength under normal temperature 250-400Kv/cm

Lead Time

For stock parts, we will ship out within one week. For customized parts, please contact us for more information. If you are in urgent need, we will arrange in priority.

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